Brand Review & Strategy

Answers to your marketing challenges are in your brand.

(We’ll show you how to make it count).

Perhaps you’ve hit a hurdle. You’ve had some success but you know it’s nowhere near where it could be. Maybe your numbers aren’t adding up, your audience isn’t engaging, your sales are going down. Maybe you’re just at a point where you want to get back in touch with why you’re doing what you’re doing.

plusMTL has got you covered.

Our Brand Review & Strategy Package begins by understanding the goals you’re trying to meet. We complete an extensive brand audit, assessing the gaps in your touchpoints, analyzing what’s working and what’s falling through the cracks. We then build up a brand strategy to get you where you want to be – actionable items that your team can start implementing today to make a difference tomorrow. The support and tools you need to build your momentum and assert your unique brand voice.

Who is plusMTL anyway?

plusMTL helps brands that are at a turning point to define their story and engage their customers in authentic conversations. We are a multi-disciplinary team of marketing experts who collaborate because we are stronger together. We come from the worlds of design, branding, communication and growth development. We benefit from working with creative people who push us to be better. Our clients benefit from our unique partnership’s multiple perspectives, vast networks and diverse skill-sets.

We’re a diverse and malleable team who really cares about your goals and has the toolkit to get you where you want to be.

Why are we right for you?…

The plusMTL approach is to work collaboratively with our clients. We have a ton of brand strategy experience and have worked on enough hurdles to spot issues from a distance. We work hand-in-hand with you to empower your brand, marketing efforts and culture and ensure you have the capacity to take full advantage of everything we create together.

So… What does the Brand Review & Strategy Package entail?

1. Brand Review 8 weeks

There are two parts to your brand review. First, we get to the heart of what your brand is about. We conduct a brand exploration with your team in order to establish your current brand values, your mission, your goals and your current challenges. We then use these brand guidelines as a compass while we conduct an extensive audit of your touchpoints. We uncover where communication lines are breaking throughout your team, stores and online hub.

2. Brand Strategy 3 weeks

Based on our findings, we develop an action plan to set your team towards meeting your goals. This strategy will provide short, medium and long-term action items that you can start implementing immediately to remedy brand hiccups and meet your objectives.

3. Ongoing Brand Strategy Guidance (30 hrs included with package).

As you tackle your strategy and face new hurdles, we offer consulting sessions to ensure that you feel empowered by your brand work. We work with your team and other agencies to ensure the strategy is actionable. We provide a follow-up consulting session one month after strategy handout. Further support sessions are scheduled based on your needs.

The fee for this package varies based on size of team and scope of touchpoints.
Please contact us for more information about our method and how we could help your team over your hurdle.

We’ve worked with people who’ve gone through your situation…

Here’s what they had to say about our work:

“[The team was] instrumental in guiding me on the deep and introspective path of defining my company’s identity, to build a brand that will sell because it is aligned with the vision and who I truly am. […] The process becomes an exciting exercise that will fire you up about your business and give you the clarity you need to make your marketing efforts profitable.

Olivia Bond, founder of multiple startups including launching in summer 2016, Los Angeles.

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