Digital Launch Package

You’re launching, (congrats &) holy shit.

Way to go! You got your product or service lined up and you’re ready to hit the ground running. Hold up a minute. Is your brand nailed down? Do you have your marketing strategy laid out? Are you ready to fiercely conquer your digital domain?


plusMTL has got you covered.

Our Digital Launch Package supports you through brand development to your web presence to digital launch strategy & execution.

Who is plusMTL anyways?

plusMTL helps brands that are at a turning point to define their story and engage their customers in authentic conversations. We are a multi-disciplinary team of marketing experts who collaborate because we are stronger together. We come from the worlds of design, branding, communication and growth development. We benefit from working with creative people who push us to be better. Our clients benefit from our unique partnership’s multiple perspectives, vast networks and diverse skill-sets.

Essentially, we’re a diverse and malleable team who really cares about your goals and has the toolkit to get you where you want to be.

Why are we right for you?…

The plusMTL approach is to work collaboratively with our clients. This is especially true for startups who can benefit from a process that provides only what they need when they need it without sacrificing continuity. We work hand-in-hand with you to develop your marketing programs and ensure you have the capacity to take full advantage of everything we create together.

So… What does the Digital Launch Package entail?

There are three keys to your Digital Launch Package: Your Brand, Your Web Hub and Your Digital Strategy.

1. Brand ID services 8 weeks – $6500

You want to hit the ground running but you don’t want to leave your brand lagging behind. This is smart as your brand is the key to strong marketing. You’re going to be spending on lots of communication efforts. A concise, but thorough brand review and recommendation will ensure your spending is smart and effective.

In this step, you get: Your Identity Package (your brand bible) and your Brand Guidelines (All the visuals you need to get started – your logo, fonts, colours and design guidelines).

2. Web hub 4 weeks $2500-$5000

You need a space online for your audience to connect with you. Your website and your social pages are key. You might already have these in which case, we help you tighten them up so they look great and work to get you noticed. We support you in implementing the tech tools you’ll need to figure out what’s working and where you need to improve: campaign systems, analytics and reporting tools.

3. Your Digital Strategy – Launch and Growth Plan (with Web Hub step) $5000

We teach you how, where and when to connect with your audience online. We set you up with a clear strategy to grow your numbers and build an online platform for lead generation.

We’ve worked with people who’ve gone through your situation…

Here’s what they had to say about our work:

“[The team was] instrumental in guiding me on the deep and introspective path of defining my company’s identity, to build a brand that will sell because it is aligned with the vision and who I truly am. […] The process becomes an exciting exercise that will fire you up about your business and give you the clarity you need to make your marketing efforts profitable.

– Olivia Bond, founder of multiple startups including launching in summer 2016, Los Angeles.

“What stood out […]were their effective leadership (ie. strategic creativity), authentic communication, the ability to deal with a corporation’s social/political dynamics and being able to design agile and responsive social media platforms adapted to [our] market.

– Tatiana Grandoit- Marketing Manager, Canadelle

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