Turning Points


Why Turning Points?

Marketing is often very focused on simply pushing a message at a target audience. It can be strategic, but it’s not necessarily ground-breaking. That’s fine. There is a job to be done, after all. However, the big payoffs from brand marketing come from campaigns that are designed to address a specific problem, leverage a new opportunity or otherwise move the needle in a significant way.

That’s where plusMTL comes in. Our primary focus is to work with clients to identify and address those moments.

What is a Turning Point?

Every business is facing one. It’s not always evident, but identifying it opens up possibilities: New situations, emerging threats, opportunities for growth – these all represent forks in the road. Choosing a path is about more than just messaging. It involves fundamental decisions about your brand and your business.

We’re passionate about developing road maps for navigating these points and discussing what brands and others are doing to chart their paths.

Which way to turn?

Our approach to the work is to start with a deep look at the essence of our clients’ brands. The naked truth at the heart of your brand is a compass that points the way. By understanding that, we’re able develop ideas that are not just concepts – they’re practical guides designed to achieve specific and measurable objectives.

We use a deep understanding of our clients to create campaigns that deliver real results where they matter.


These Turning Points and how we and other people are negotiating them is what we will be examining and discussing on this blog. To see an example of how we have addressed Turning Points by taking brand exploration to action, check out this case study: Brand review leads to 89% sales lift for retailer.